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About Us

Where we buy

We have been selling beds from France since we were established in 2004.

We mainly source our stock in and around South West France buying..Vintage Parisian Art

  • Vintage & Antique French beds
  • Decorative French interiors
  • Classic antique French mirrors
  • Vintage French lighting

We also stock a variety of new slatted bed bases for odd size and standard size antique and modern French and British Beds.

We make regular trips to our base in France throughout the year and buy from contacts we have made over the last 15 years.

We have purchased from a huge variety of places, from barns to beautiful Chateaux and street markets to the best antique shops in the area.

All our finds have a story to tell, it would be lovely to hear them, but now it’s up to you to create your own story with our furniture.

All our items are vintage, shabby chic, retro or antique, mostly dating between 1900 and 1970.

Where we sell

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website then do view our ebay listings where we have been advertising since 2005.

  • view our ebay auctions here View our ebay auctions
  • and our ebay feedback here View our ebay feedback

Or, please do contact us, we may have suitable items in stock in France or in the UK waiting to be listed.

We love what we buy, and we hope you do too.

Our aim is to provide you with a variety of vintage and antique French beds

To offer beautifully made and stylish and retro furniture to suit all budgets.

To achieve this we have a variety of French beds in stock…..wooden and iron beds for you to refurbish which we can supply at a much lower price; and those which have been beautifully renovated and shabby chic items.

Where you can find us






Check out our social media sites above for photos of past and present stock, feedback, and general information about what we are doing.

We stock a variety of classic French antique wooden beds as well as interesting or retro styles. We usually find beds in the following sizes:

  • singles (75 – 120 cm wide)
    • 2ft 6″ x 6ft 3″
    • 3ft x 6ft 3″
    • 3ft 6″ x 6ft 3″
    • 3ft 9″ x 6ft 3″
  • small doubles (120 – 130 cm wide)
    • 4ft x 6ft 3″
  • standard UK doubles (130 – 140 cm wide)
    • 4ft 6″ x 6ft 3″
  • Large French double (150 cm wide by 190 cm long)
    • 5ft x 6 ft 3″

View our French wooden beds

French Iron beds start at 2 ft 6 wide and can be found up to a maximum width of 4 ft 6 wide – we do not find any iron beds wider than 4ft 6″ wide.

We can have our iron beds painted to order in many colours in the ‘British Standards colour guide’ – or you can buy them as they are, either to renovate yourself or in a usable shabby chic / retro finish.

View our French iron beds

You can buy your bed with or without a bed base.

We can supply a variety of quality slatted bed bases:

  • Singles
    • 90 cm x 190 cm
    • 100 cm x 190 cm
  • Small Doubles
    • Fixed 120 cm x 190 cm
    • Extendable From 85 cm to 158 cm x 190 cm
  • Double ( For standard doubles &  king size depending on the structure of the king size bed – please contact us)
    • Extendable From 85 cm to 158 cm x 190 cm

Our extendable slatted bed base works well with most of our double beds. It sits on the 4 strengthened corners of most French antique iron beds and needs no central support. Likewise it works well with French antique wooden beds sitting within a frame to provide support for your mattress.

Our extendable slatted bed base also can be used with British Antique beds.

Feel free to discuss with us how best to make your own base for any of our beds.

View our slatted bed bases for antique beds

We stock spares for repairs of French metal, and French antique wooden beds including our replacement bed bolts. We also stock a limited number of replacement brass parts for Victorian antique brass beds.

View our spares and repairs for antique French beds

We do not supply mattresses. They can be sourced from any mattress supplier. Please note some of our beds are ‘odd sizes’ and mattresses will therefore need to be ordered. Do make the necessary checks on prices and lead times before purchase.
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