We can sandblasted and repaint our iron beds, giving you the option to create a bespoke bed, changing the colour, or restoring the bed to its original finish.

It is difficult to imagine a rusted, overpainted and dirty bed in its potential glory, so here are a few photos to show you what can be achieved.

Sandblasting before and after

Before…………………………after sandblasting.

The tubular steel finish when sandblasted is slightly rough with a matt finish. The decorative cast iron pieces on the bed are left a slightly darker grey with glossy finish. The bed cannot be left in this raw sandblasted state or it will rust. You can keep the sandblasted ‘look’ by adding a clear varnish to the bed.

Industrial Finish – 4ft French Antique Iron Bed EXCLUDES BASE

The surface of the sandblasted bed always has some discoloration which is then sealed by the lacquer creating a completely unique gloss finish. The process distorts the metal panels a little, so each bed is unique.

Or you can choose to colour your bed, our painters keep a large stock of colours, below are just a few options.

Sandblasting antique beds


French Single Bed In Green RAL 6011Paint a bed to order

It is still a great pleasure for us to see a neglected bed, transformed into a beautiful, stylish one we are proud to have saved, for many more years of use.


1930s French iron bed in pink