Adjustable slatted bed base for British antique and Vono beds

British Antique and Vono Beds

We often get asked about the suitability of the adjustable bed base for use with British Vono beds.

Vono are a British manufactured bed, dating from the 1930s onwards.

British Vono beds which have a wooden head and footboard construction with heavy metal side irons.

Vono bed example

The base should sit on all 4 corners of your metal frame. In the case of British Vono beds, at each corner there is a fixing nut aprox 6 cms along the side iron.

The best way to use this base with a Vono bed is to enclose the nut with a piece of wood.

You can either run a piece of wood the length of your metal side iron – it can be painted to match the iron frame – or use 4 blocks, one over each nut, in each corner.

Drill a hole in the underside of the wood to sit over the nut.

Vono Bed Making Wood Sides

For the Vono bed in our photos we have used 4 cm x 2 cm pine, cut to 190 cm long.

Mark and drill a small hole just wide enough to cover the nut while still requiring a hammer to force it in place. If the wood is fitted tightly over the nut, the whole length of wood will not move.

Open the adjustable bed base our and lay it onto the bed frame. The bed base will sit on each corner of the bed. Tie it down with cable ties.

Vono Bed + Adjustable Slatted Bed Base


Vintage Vono Advert



If you have any questions about using this or any other product, please contact us.

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