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Fitting the adjustable bed base to French Corbeille beds

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French Corbeille Beds – Brackets & Cross Bars

Continuing from our last blog, we look at the fittings on French Corbeille beds and how to modify them in order to use an adjustable bed base.

Mostly found on the sides of French Corbeille beds are the L-shaped metal brackets which would have held a fixed width, divan type base  in place originally.

L-Shaped Bracket

L-Shaped Bracket

In order to use the adjustable bed base you need to add cross bars.

  • You can use the L-shaped metal brackets to support a wooden block and then add cross bars.

L-Shaped Brackets

L-shaped bracketsVintage French Corbeille Double Bed

  • You can remove / or ignore the metal brackets and just add wooden blocks to take the cross bars.

Wooden block brackets

Vintage French Green Corbeille Bed

Vintage French Green Corbeille Bed

Sometimes the fixed cross bar spanning the curve is lower than it is possible to add a cross bar at the top of the bed. You must then add a second cross bar at the bottom as shown.

Vintage French Green Corbeille Bed

Consider the height you want your base to be, and choose the appropriate option.

Providing the original metal bracket is in place firmly, keeping it adds support.

As per our last blog we advise you to add a ‘foot’ in the centre of the cross bar.

'Foot' in the centre of the cross bar

Once this is complete, the base will sit on the cross bars provided, either 2 or 3 depending on your choice.

The base will not sit squarely on a 4 ft 6 Corbeille bed due to the curve at the bottom, you will have a gap at the bottom, and a steadily decreasing one at the sides.

It will tend to look like the photos below:

Corbeille Bed With Adjustable Bed Base Corbeille Bed With Adjustable Bed Base

A finished Corbeille bed example.

Vintage French Corbeille Double Bed W Slatted Bed Bas

If you have any questions about fitting a base to this or any other bed, please contact us.


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Making Cross Bars For Your French Antique Bed

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One of our frequently asked questions is how to create a structure for a base on a French antique bed.

We will be putting together a series of blogs to show different brackets on different styles of French antique beds and how to make and change brackets in order for the bed to take a base.

It often looks a daunting task when you excitedly take delivery of your new French antique bed, but it is unexpectedly minus the cross bars and a working base, but help is at hand..

Even if you have your cross bars, we tend to find that many are  fragile from years of woodworm and it is often wise to replace them with something more stable.

The photos below show new cross bars being made for a U-shaped metal bracket on an upholstered French Capitone bed which is 140 cm wide (4 ft 7″) by 190 cm (6 ft 3″) in length.

Making Cross Bars For Your French Bed


1.  Decide if you will make 2 or 3 cross bars, then measure the width of your bed and buy an appropriate length of wood, measuring 7 cm x 2 cm.

  • Some builders merchants will cut the wood to size for you if you measure the width you need exactly.

2. Shows a U-shaped metal bracket usually on these beds.

3 & 4. Make a template using paper, cut it out and mark your wood.

5. Cut your wood to match the template. Fit the cross bar.

6. Check your template will fit the other bracket. With one end of the cross bar fitted, mark your wood and cut it to match the template.

7. Fit your new cross bar.

8. Repeat this process so you have one cross bar by the headboard and one by the footboard.

Once you have made the cross bars then we recommend you add a ‘foot’ in the centre of the cross bars to add additional support.

Making A Central Support

1. Buy an appropriate length of wood, measuring 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm.

2 & 3. Measure where you need to cut the wood. There should be a gap of bewteen 0.5 and 1 cm below the cross bar. This allows the cross bar to bow down and take the weight of the base, mattress and you, without stressing the wood.

4. Cut and check your central support sits just below the cross bar.

5 & 6. Screw the central support in place.

7. If you screw it tight to the cross bar it will lift off the ground with your 0.5 cm – 1 cm gap.

8. Your finished cross bars with central supports.

We have used 2 cross bars, our bed fits together tightly and we are happy that it is structurally sound to now take a base.

Once you have added your two cross bars you need to decide if a third is needed and whether or not any further work needs to be undertaken to make your bed sound before you add a base. Once you are happy, your bed is ready to use a base.

We recommend our ‘Adjustable Bed Base’ and if you click here you can see it featured on this bed.


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Adjustable Bed Base – Reviews

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We will keep this section updated with Adjustable Slatted Bed Base reviews, received from our customers.

We have experience fitting this base to all types of French and British antique beds and are always happy to offer help and advise before and after sales, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We don’t currently subscribe to Trustpilot or any other review service, the reviews you see here are emails that we have received, usually as a result of discussions we have had before sales.

You can also find feedback for us on our ebay account here.

Please note no emails, nor reviews of our company or products are ever shared unless permission has been given by the customer. 

‘Hi Elena, I am a bit late replying but many thanks for the bed base which was exactly what I was looking for. Arrived safely on time and yes it went up the winding staircase with no problems. I was surprised that the slats become rather widely spaced at the ends but it works OK for me. The cable ties work fine but I also found an old roll of heavy-duty, thick, black, double sided sticky tape – a piece under each mounting point completely avoids any risk of sliding and eliminates any metal to metal contact which might eventually squeak. It makes a very comfortable bed – I have spent too much time over Christmas just lying on it. Thanks again. ‘ Roger, January 2022

‘Hi Elena, The base has arrived, thank you very much! Great service, much appreciated. ‘- Rachel, December 2021

‘Dear Elena, Just to thank you so much for your care and communication over my order. Absolutely thrilled to bits!!!! ‘- Amanda, November 2021

Customer Feedback Adjustable Bed Base

‘We received the base today as planned and it’s in place and looks great. We still had the original one that belonged to my great grandparents so imagine how creaky it was!! Just wanted to say thank you for your kind emails and making this delivery so smooth. ‘ – Eva, September 2021

‘Bed frame assembled this morning without any problems. Exactly what was need. Thanks for your service. We used a length of pine on both sides with holes drilled at both ends to clear the fixing bolts as per your instructions, worked a treat. ‘[ Used on a Vono bed ] – John & Julie, September 2021

 ‘Hi Elena, thanks for your help. I put two small 3cm blocks under the side bars in the middle but I am not sure they were necessary. It all worked very well. I think it is a very good product strong and well made.’  – Gwylim, May 2021

Customer Review Adjustable Slatted Bed Base

‘I just wanted to let you know that the bed base arrived yesterday, and has now been fitted. I would also like to thank you for the speedy delivery, and for all your communications’ – Sharon, March 2021

‘Just to say, all went very smoothly, the delivery too…we are very pleased.. the bed base fits the bed and has made a big difference!’ – Liz, May 2021

‘Elena, It all worked perfectly: the bed arrived last week and my friend has now fitted it. He moved up the wooden stabilisers that held the old base and now your fantastic bed base is sitting on the top and I actually have a really great bed at last! All the dimensions were perfect. It is a really stable and brilliant bed base and a really effective way of adding a base to a beautiful old bed. Thank you so much for all your help. Very best wishes’ – Teresa, September 2020

‘Thanks so much Elena for your help. The bed was put together on Friday and I love it. Couldn’t have done it without your fabulous quality product. ‘-  Jacqui, June 2020

‘I have just replaced my old, battered antique bed base with the extendable one. Thank you for the excellent product ! Easy to fit and great service. Highly recommended.’ – Ceri, February 2020

‘Just a brief note to thank you for the adjustable bed base which was delivered last month as promised and has met all my expectations.  The base was easy to fit, using the cable ties you supplied.  The adjustable base sits securely on the corners of my old cast iron ‘brass and black’ double bed frame, as you said it would, and is perfectly stable.  Also in line with your assurances, it is self-supporting and does not sag in the middle.  So I am very pleased with the purchase. Thanks again.’ – Rob, February 2020

‘Just a note to say that I finally got round to fitting my French Bed Company replacement sprung slatted base for my Edwardian ‘Vono’ bed (once in Leeds Castle, and therefore familiarly known as ‘Lady Baillie’s Bed’). I am profoundly impressed by the well designed and engineered base, which was very easy to fit using the cable ties you kindly supplied. Delighted to have found such an elegant solution to the deteriorating original spring base. Many thanks.’ – Rod, December 2019

Got it and fitted it just now. See attached photo. Elena, thank you for the great service. It’s exactly what was required and fits perfectly, I’m really happy ! I wish you continued success . Thanks.  – Max

Customer Review Adjustable Slatted Bed Base


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King Size Adjustable Bed Base

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We were delighted to visit one of our suppliers manufacturing sites in France this year.
Here are a few photos from our visit, showing their production line for king size adjustable slatted bed bases, which we are now pleased to have in stock.

Suitable for many antique, vintage and modern beds with width dimensions anywhere between 88 cm and 162 cm and a length of 195 cm.

Top Left : Frames in the painting production line

Top Right & Bottom left : Welding

Bottom Right : Frame manufacture, pre painting


King Size Adjustable Slatted Bed Base King Size Adjustable Slatted Bed Base King Size Adjustable Slatted Bed Base King Size Adjustable Slatted Bed Base

For full details click on the link below:

King Size Adjustable Slatted Bed Base Antique & Modern Beds (thefrenchbedcompany.co.uk)

Adjustable King Size Slatted Bed BaseAdjustable King Size Slatted Bed BaseAdjustable King Size Slatted Bed Base


King Size Adjustable Slatted Bed Base

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Single French Bed – Review

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Single French Bed – Review

Single iron bed, just sold. Many thanks to our customer who sent us this lovely picture of the bed in its new home. She really wanted something in keeping with her 1920s London town house, and we think it looks superb.

She kindly posted this feedback on Facebook for us:

“Elena, one of your lovely beds has found another forever home. It is exactly the way we wanted – vintage, long term, classic. Wish you luck in your business. Elena.” 

Elena, October 2020

You check also check out our ebay feedback here

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Dating Our Antique French Beds

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Dating Our Antique French Beds

We often find old French bed factory adverts in the street markets in France, which is fascinating. They not only date our beds, but hark back to an in-country manufacturing era which we rarely see in today’s market.

The advertisements show varying styles and sizes which we commonly buy and keep in stock.

Most of the adverts below date from the early 1900s through to 1930s.

Dating French Beds




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Want to create your own bespoke antique iron bed ?

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We are able to have our iron beds sandblasted and repainted, giving you the option to create a bespoke bed, changing the colour, or restoring the bed to its original finish.

It is difficult to imagine a rusted, overpainted and dirty bed in its potential glory, so here are a few photos to show you what can be achieved.

Sandblasting before and after


Before…………………………after sandblasting.

On the left, in its’s current state, and the same bed, sandblasted.

The tubular steel finish when sandblasted is slightly rough with a matt finish. The decorative cast iron pieces on the bed are left a slightly darker grey with glossy finish. The bed cannot be left in this raw sandblasted state or it will rust. You can keep the sandblasted ‘look’ by adding a clear varnish to the bed.

Industrial Finish – 4ft French Antique Iron Bed EXCLUDES BASE

Industrial Style Antique French Single Bed

The surface of the sandblasted bed always has some discoloration which is then sealed by the lacquer creating a completely unique gloss finish. The process distorts the metal panels a little, so each bed is unique.

Industrial Style Antique French Single Bed

Or you can choose to colour your bed, our painters keep a large stock of colours, below are just a few options.

Sandblasting antique beds


French Single Bed In Green RAL 6011

It is still a great pleasure for us to see an aesthetically neglected piece of furniture, transformed into a beautiful, stylish bed we are proud to have saved, for many more years of use.

Prices for repainting begin at £149.

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French Beds : Cleaning Antique Brass Decoration.

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We have just finished cleaning the brass on this bed so decided to share our best advice for cleaning antique brass.

Antique French Bed - Cleaned Brass

The secret is in the vinegar.


Warm a pan full of clear white vinegar, place your brass in the pan  and lightly heat for a few minutes.

Paint and years of dirt will be removed.

Dry with a cloth once cool enough to hold.

Use brasso wool to clean the remaining dirt. Polish with a smooth dry cloth.

Leave on kitchen paper to allow any excess vingar to drain out before a final polish and returning to your bed.

Here’s a before and after which we’ve been working on this week.

Before : Dull and dirty

Brass before cleaning Brass before cleaning


After : Bright and clean

Brass after cleaningBrass after cleaning

Simply cleaning the brass lifts the bed and gives it a new look.

Re polish over time to keep it shiny or let it age again.

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Creating a footless antique French bed.

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Almost all the antique and vintage French beds which we buy in France have enclosed footboards.

They look great, but for anyone over 6 ft, for houses with smaller rooms, or for rooms with low or sloping ceilings, footless beds are certainly more practical.

We sell headboards on their own, just for this purpose. They can be attached either to your wall for use with a divan, or to a basic  bed frame.

This is the type of look you can create.

Source : Pinterest

New in stock this week, we have this headboard, a great candidate for a footless bed project. Check out details here.


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Our latest blog: Slatted Bed Base & Vono Beds

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Our latest blog: Slatted Bed Base & Vono Beds

Adjustable slatted bed base on British Vono beds

Check out our latest blog on the suitability of the adjustable slatted bed base on British Vono beds…..

How marketing has changed : Vintage Vono Company Advertising

Vintage Vono Advert

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