French Beds : Cleaning Antique Brass Decoration.

We have just finished cleaning the brass on this bed so decided to share our best advice for cleaning antique brass.

Antique French Bed - Cleaned Brass

The secret is in the vinegar.


Warm a pan full of clear white vinegar, place your brass in the pan  and lightly heat for a few minutes.

Paint and years of dirt will be removed.

Dry with a cloth once cool enough to hold.

Use brasso wool to clean the remaining dirt. Polish with a smooth dry cloth.

Leave on kitchen paper to allow any excess vingar to drain out before a final polish and returning to your bed.

Here’s a before and after which we’ve been working on this week.

Before : Dull and dirty

Brass before cleaning Brass before cleaning


After : Bright and clean

Brass after cleaningBrass after cleaning

Simply cleaning the brass lifts the bed and gives it a new look.

Re polish over time to keep it shiny or let it age again.

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