We occassionally come accross French bed manufacturers adverts in France. There are a fascinating record of beds we have sold and renovated.

They not only date the beds, but hark back to a regional manufacturing era which we rarely see today.

The catalogues below show a variety of styles available and choice of sizes for ordering. They date from the early 1900s through to 1930s.

Dating French Beds

One of the adverts is from a Parisian furniture shop, F J Genin, and shows the various styles and sizes of metal beds they were selling in April 1905.

We are often asked for beds larger than 140cm, but as you can see the catalogue only gives you the option to buy up to 140cm in width.

We tend to stock the size options shown in the advertisement – 90 cm (3 ft) ; 100 cm  (3 ft 3”) ; 115 cm (3 ft 9”) ; 125 cm (4 ft) ; 140 cm. (4 ft 6”). Slightly wider wooden beds are available.

Here are a few of our past stock of beds, shown in the catalogues above.

Dating French Antique Beds

Dating French Antique BedsDating French Antique BedsDating French Antique Beds