Antique French Bed Replacement Brass Balls


A new product, which can be used as replacement decoration for some French antique beds.

Pack of 10 brass balls.

  • Most French antique bed threads are not compatable with modern threads, however, providing you can get a few turns of the ball onto the thread, it will hold, as in the video below.
  • The bed in the video is an antique French bed with the type of threads we usually see on French beds – although not exclusively.
  • The left hand ball in the video is original to the bed, the right hand one is this new replacement brass ball.
  • Not a perfect solution as you only get about one twist on most French beds, but it does stay in place on some beds.

Other fitting ideas:

  • You could replace your thread with an M6 one in order to use these balls.
  • Or these balls could be drilled out and stuck in place.
  • To hide any exposed thread you could cut your thread down.


  • Diameter 12.7mm
  • Height 10mm
  • Thread 6mm diameter
  • Please contact us for international shipping options.


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