Bed Base For Antique British Vono Bed Frame


Adjustable width slatted bed base with a fixed length of 188cm. Width adjustable from 85cm to 156cm.

Ideal for antique French & British beds, standard & odd sizes. Great for bespoke sleeping spaces, and campervan conversions. Or simply as a replacement bed base for a modern bed.

This listing explains how to fit this bed base to an antique British Vono bed frame.

Packed dimensions are 85cm x 188cm x 8cm and so it is easy to store, move into small spaces eg. small staircases with limited access, and transport.

Perfect for re-use with larger or smaller beds if you change your bed frame.

See our other listings showing the same product on different antique beds.

1 year warranty. Warranty T&C’s apply.

Fitting the bed base to antique Brisith Vono bed

  • The base should sit on all 4 corners of a metal framed bed. In the case of British Vono beds, at each corner there is a fixing nut aprox 6 cms along the side iron.

Vono Bed Base

  • If the base fouls the nut, run a piece of wood the length of your metal side iron, drilling a hole in the underside of the wood to sit over the nut.
  • For the Vono bed in our photos below we have used 4 cm x 2 cm pine, cut to 190 cm long.
  • Mark and drill a hole just wide enough to cover the nut while still requiring a hammer to force it in place. If the wood is fitted tightly over the nut, the whole length of wood will not move.

Vono Bed Collage Making Wood Sides

  • You can also just use 4 wood blocks in each corner rather than running the wood the full length of the side irons if you prefer.
  • Place the adjustable bed base on each corner of the bed. Because the base is not notched it will need securing, tie down with cable ties, which we can provide free of charge.
  • The base only makes contact at the corners of the bed and is raised above the rest of the frame.
  • The construction of the base means it is self supporting in the centre.

Place the adjustable bed base on each corner of the bed

The wood can be painted to match the side irons. The same bed is shown below, painted with matching black wood, covering the fixings.

Vono Bed With Painted Wood



  • Length : 188cm
  • Width : Adjustable anywhere between 85cm and 156cm
  • Depth : Height 7.5cm
  • Space between each slat : At the crossover 1cm rest of the base 7.5cm
  • Weight : 20kg


  • Metal frame 3cm x 3cm
  • 27 Multi-ply wooden, lightly sprung slats.
  • Dark blue epoxy paint with black polypro end caps



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