Our adjustable slatted bed base is the best bed base we have found to use with our French beds.

Why buy an adjustable bed base

It fits most double French beds, including French Corbeille beds which have a curved base at the footboard.

They are also a great solution for many British antique beds including Victorian cast iron bedsteads.

Our slatted bed bases can also be used in the conversion of camper vans,  caravans, narrow boats or bus conversions.

They are also perfect for creating bespoke beds in smaller spaces as the sliding mechanism can usefully fit into non-standard size areas.

Why buy an adjustable bed base

Top 12 reasons to buy our adjustable slatted bed bases

  1.  Adjustable bed bases can be reused on a larger or smaller bed in the future.
  2. Adjustable bed bases are great for smaller staircases.
  3. Adjustable bed bases can be stored easily as the pack down to a single width size.
  4. Adjustable bed bases allow storage space underneath your bed.
  5. Adjustable bed bases fit a variety of metal or wooden, antique or modern and varying width beds.
  6. Slatted bed bases allow your mattress to breath
  7. Slatted bed bases do not have springs which squeak!
  8. Adjustable slatted bed bases do not bow in the middle (the are self supporting)
  9. Adjustable slatted bed bases are easy and quick to fit
  10. Adjustable slatted bed bases provide a firm, yet lightly sprung base for your mattress to give you a good nights sleep.
  11. Great for bespoke furniture projects, camper vans conversions as well as antique beds.
  12. Our bed bases are in stock, in the UK and ready to be shipped.

Why buy an adjustable bed base

We stock 3 different length adjuable bed bases in sizes 185cm, 188cm for standard length beds and 195cm long for king size beds.